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Security Cameras

Home Protection Video Door Bells Here at Safe and Simple Alarms, our security cameras can help give you home protection. Security alarm systems are now more of a norm. They can help you should a burglar come to your home or on your path, sending you instant messages directly to your smartphone. This enables you […]

Home Protection

Here at safe and simple alarms our, security cameras, can help in giving you, home protection. Security alarm systems, are now more of a norm as they can help should you have a  burglar.  You would receive an instant messages direct to your smart phone. That enables you to contact a neighbour or friend with […]

Safe and Simple Alarms Costa Blanca

VIDEO DOOR BELLS Safe and Simple Alarms Costa Blanca. We at Safe and Simple Alarms can now offer wireless doorbells so you know who is visiting you or ringing your door-bell in an instant. We can also add an internal ringer. They press your bell you get a picture of the person to your phone. […]