Home Protection

Here at safe and simple alarms our, security cameras, can help in giving you, home protection. Security alarm systems, are now more of a norm as they can help should you have a  burglar.  You would receive an instant messages direct to your smart phone. That enables you to contact a neighbour or friend with minutes of it happening asking them to take a quick look at your home.

Best home security alarm system, should be unfortunate to have squatters break into your property. If you have, home security cameras, you will receive instant messages, and if you have installed a micro, card installed your friends or neighbour can take the video or pictures that are time and date stamped. Once they go to the POLICE they have all details to have them ejected quickly, after 72 hours they then have squatters rights and it becomes a whole different ball game it then takes a long time and a lot of money I am sure we have all heard about Squatters. Wireless home security system; can help.