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Video Door Bells

Here at Safe and Simple Alarms, our security cameras can help give you home protection.

Security alarm systems are now more of a norm. They can help you should a burglar come to your home or on your path, sending you instant messages directly to your smartphone. This enables you to contact a neighbour or friend within minutes of it happening.

Should you be unfortunate to have squatters break into your property, your home security alarm system will alert you. If you have home security cameras or a video doorbell, you will receive instant messages to take action.

If you have installed a micro card, you will be able to obtain vital information from recordings that may be useful in the future. You can contact your friends or a neighbour they can take the video or pictures that are time and date-stamped. Once they go to the POLICE, they have all the details needed to have squatters ejected quickly – this is vital as, after 72 hours, they then have squatters’ rights and it becomes a whole different ball game, taking a lot of time and money.

I am sure we have all heard about squatters and unwanted visitors. Wireless home security systems, as well as video doorbells can help, making all the difference to protecting your home and posessions.

Home Protection

Here at safe and simple alarms our, security cameras, can help in giving you, home protection. Security alarm systems, are now more of a norm as they can help should you have a  burglar.  You would receive an instant messages direct to your smart phone. That enables you to contact a neighbour or friend with minutes of it happening asking them to take a quick look at your home.

Best home security alarm system, should be unfortunate to have squatters break into your property. If you have, home security cameras, you will receive instant messages, and if you have installed a micro, card installed your friends or neighbour can take the video or pictures that are time and date stamped. Once they go to the POLICE they have all details to have them ejected quickly, after 72 hours they then have squatters rights and it becomes a whole different ball game it then takes a long time and a lot of money I am sure we have all heard about Squatters. Wireless home security system; can help.

Best home security cameras

For those looking to take their home security to the next level, we offer advanced add-on options:

  • Exterior Cameras: Real-time video monitoring for outdoor security. Two way voice control
  • Interior Cameras: Keep an eye on the inside of your home 24/7. Two way voice control
  • Siren Add-Ons: High-decibel alerts to ward off intruders immediately.

With these extras, your system is tailored to offer you complete peace of mind.

Secure your Home

Safe and Simple Alarms Costa Blanca


Safe and Simple Alarms Costa Blanca.

We at Safe and Simple Alarms can now offer wireless doorbells so you know who is visiting you or ringing your door-bell in an instant. We can also add an internal ringer. They press your bell you get a picture of the person to your phone. Security alarm systems. GSM alarms can help you with the security of your home. Safe and Simple Burglar Alarm Protection Costa Blanca. We want to help and advise you. Best home security alarm system.

Starter pack

The pack is a great price from safe and simple alarms at only 249€ plus it gives you, the Panel, 2 Fobs similar to a car fob, 2 door/window sensors, 1 pir, 100 decibel siren. Secure your home even further by adding cameras extra pir’s video door bells and more.

  • Door Sensors 30€
  • Window sensor 30€
  • Pir (passive infrared sensor)40€
  • Indoor Camera 100€
  • Exterior camera wi-fi solar panel 130€
  • Micro SD card 16 gig 15e
  • Micro Card 32 gig 20e
  • Outdoor Solar Bell with red  flashing  light 100 decibel 100€
  • Video Door Bells from only 120e 150e with internal ringer as well
  • Includes fitting/Installation

Any questions feel free to ask safe and simple alarms we always try to help. We need you so we try harder.

You get instant messages direct to you your phone or phones anywhere in world, cameras you can also record and take instant pictures.

Securing your home

Securing your forever home or holiday home here in Spain is now a necessity. We hear stories daily about burgularies/breakins in all areas. Why wait until it happens to you, do not BE A VICTIM  we can secure your home for a very affordable one off price NO MONTHLY FEES AT ALL. Gsm systems automatic messaging direct to your phone wherever you are.

Safe and Simple Alarms

Safe and simple alarms enables you to fully manage your home security through your smartphone. Would you like total peace of mind when you are in your property, or when you are away from your property. We can help you to have total peace of mind re the security of your HOME. With one of the latest GSM Wi Fi automated messaging systems. It will inform you within seconds of an ALARM alert on your home alarm system. We can install live camera´s within your property with motion sensors. Its all down to what is best for you the client. We at Safe and Simple Alarms listen to you. You and your homes protection are paramount to us. Our aim is complete customer satisfaction. We have been in Spain for over 18 years assisting clients with TV this we now know is a natural progression having bench tested many systems both good and bad

Ask us anything we always try to help.

We are based in La-Florida Orihuela Costa near La Zenia Boulevard.

Whatts App 606297825 Message Us on facebook.

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